FEATURE SESSIONS FROM 2018 - More to come for 2019...

What Kids Want: We will take a detailed look at why kids go to camp each summer as well as examine the hopes, expectations and desires of kids. Included in this workshop are quotes, comments, stories and opinions of real camp kids who will help us learn how to operate, program and improve camp from their brutal honesty. Sometime camp leaders get too caught up in “thinking” they know what kids want! This session will open your eyes to the minds of the kids going to your camp this summer.

Fast-track to Camp Friendships: Making new and sometimes better friends is something all parent want for their children when they send them to camp. However, sometimes we only have one or two weeks to break down barriers, discover similar interests and cultivate friendships. This workshop will give camp staff the foundation and tools needed to help campers in their group develop friendship that will last a lifetime in a short amount of time.

Risk Management 101: With over 30 year of camping experience between the CT Camp Guys, we have seen many accidents and incidents that could have been avoided with better training and proactive planning. While risk is inherent in our camp programs, the best camps have protocols and policies in place that make them fun and safe places to change campers' lives for the better. We will share industry trends, best practices and stories from the trenches that will better prepare your staff for managing risk this summer.


More great sessions include:

Top 10 Skills and Attributes Of Great Camp Leaders: Some of the most successful camp leaders have very similar skills and attributes that make them amazing leaders. This workshop examines the survey based research of hundreds and hundreds of the best camp leaders across the country and what has made them successful as leaders in the camping industry. We will take a deeper dive into the top skills and discuss how to train your staff to excel in these area.   This workshop is a great introduction for new leaders that are eager to learn new skills as well as for veteran leaders that want to improve and take their leadership to the next level.

Competitive Teambuilding: It may seem like an oxymoron but it’s more like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup….two great things that are even better when they are together.  For far too long competition has been looked at as a dirty word with no place at camp.   The Connecticut Camp Guys are bringing together the fun and excitement of friendly competition and framing it with the goals and outcomes of intentional team-building to create unique, memorable and rewarding experiences for all participants.  The best part is we are giving you the recipe so that you can bring this secret formula back to your camp.

Brands Made For Camps:  “You’re in good hands” if you come to this workshop! Some of the most popular brands have focused their advertisements on selling their products. However, the CT Camp Guys have taken a closer look at some of the tag lines and messaging and extracted some lessons that are really made for the camping industry. “You can do it and we can help”…make your campers and staff have the best summer ever. We examine the double meanings in these mainstream brands that you may have missed. So “just do it” because this workshop is “made from some of the best stuff on earth”!

A Summer Unplugged: Decades of research confirms that summer learning loss is real.  In addition, children are losing themselves in their on-line personas and they can no longer communicate comfortably face to face.  Summer camp provides the ideal opportunity for children to curb summer learning loss and close the achievement gap by having them solve real life challenges in social situations; keeping their minds curious and engaged.  Furthermore, camp encourages children to put down their phones and spend time making friends and building relationships.  Children spending time together in nature, surrounded by caring youth development professionals creates a spirit of bonding and belonging.  The glow of the cell phone screen cannot compare to the glow of the campfire….even the one that burns in their memory. 

Leadership Secrets Of Superheroe'sSuperheroes are known as mythical figures with super powers and super leadership abilities. This workshop will examine that notion and help participants find out what their superhero powers are as well as how to battle their own personal “camp-kryptonite”.  We will also examine what makes some of the most popular Superheroes such great leaders and how we can relate that back to camp and to our staff.

Bully Busting: Managing bullying to positive outcomes is a critical part of your camp staff’s responsibility. We know that parents send their kids to camp to be safe, both physically and emotionally, so let’s break the cycle of bullying and create a more healthy camp environment.  In this interactive session, camp staff will learn to identify the early signs of traditional bullying and cyber bullying as well as how to respond in a positive and inclusive manner. In addition, the will learn the keys of group dynamics that make bullying non-existent!

CAMP - The Final FUN-tier: What is your camp’s Prime Directive – the most important guiding principle?  This fun and interactive Star Trek themed presentation will compare a journey through space to an exciting season of  summer camp while teaching your staff about preparing for their voyage through summer, the importance of strong leadership at all levels, making contact and building relationships with the aliens/campers and setting them up for success and re-entry into the real world.  Set your phasers to FUN and join us on an expedition to a great camp season!

Covering All Your Bases: Baseball and summer camp are two of the greatest American traditions. When played the right way, they can both create lasting memories and teach numerous life lessons. This workshop will explore the parallels between the two and help prepare your staff to cover all their bases! We will examine the basics of offence and defense,  discuss the ins and outs of each position on your team and set the expectations for your staff to perform like all-stars.

CT Camp Guys Greatest Hits:The CT Camp Guys…ten years of consulting, hundreds of camps visited, thousands of staff trained, countless number of campers impacted!  Through our journey, we have extracted the best of the best and are ready to share our top ten lessons with you. Get your ticket for a front row seat to the key performances from our first ten years!

Foundations Of Teambuilding: Successful teams don’t happen by accident; they are created and constructed.  This powerful session will help you understand the core elements that all exceptional teams share.  By laying a strong and sound foundation you can build an amazing team capable of producing outstanding results. The CT Camp Guys will help you take your staff team from ordinary to legendary!

Goooooood Morning Campers…A Tribute To Robin Williams: Summer camp is fun, exciting, unpredictable and memorable!  The same words have been used to describe the late brilliant actor and comedian Robin Williams.  This session will use clips from William’s most iconic roles as a platform to explore some deeper lessons that can be applied to summer camp.  You’ll laugh till your sides hurt and may just shed a tear as we share in the joy and pain that was the life of Robin Williams….an deliver lots of great lessons for camp leaders!

Celebrity Camp Counselors You Would Hire and Fire:  Attitude is everything and celebrities are full of ATTITUDE! We will be taking a look at some popular celebrities that would make great camp counselors, and others you would not want on your staff. As we discuss each of these pop icons, we will relate and compare them to your current camp staff and talk about the attributes that would make them either great staff additions or great distractions to your team. In addition we will talk about managing the egos and personalities of these type of staff members.

Good Decisions = H2G: One of the most important skill sets of a quality camp staff members is the ability to make good decisions. Good decisions are made when you listen to your HEAD, HEART, and GUT. We will spend some time discussing the decision making process of camp staff and the importance of thinking with your HEAD, HEART and GUT. Making good decisions keeps kids safe and there is nothing more important at camp then that!

3 Keys To Camp: Throughout our travels and visits to thousands of camps, we have found the most successful organizations have three common factors: Great Staff, Great Programs and Great Facilities. This workshop will talk about those three areas in details and give you suggestions and recommendations to excel in each of these areas. We will spend some time evaluating your big three and identifying areas you need to improve to go from good to great!

Putting Character Values Back In Camp: For many years there has been an assumption that children are learning values simply by attending summer camp programs.  While that is true, many camps have been too busy to focus on this portion of the program and are losing out on opportunities to positively effect a child’s future. Being more intentional on character education will have a meaningful and long lasting impact on your campers personal values. This research based workshop will discuss best practices, program ideas and ways to infuse character values back into your camp. 

Managing Staff Burnout: Staff getting burnt out is sometimes an unavoidable part of the summer experience. The stress of campers, parents, co-workers, weather and more can sometimes be a lot for your leaders to handle. Yet many camp leaders are unprepared to address the effects of burnout.  This workshop will help participants create a realistic Burnout Management Plan that will provide insight on recognizing and overcoming summer burnout.

Rock-n-Roll Revelations about Summer Camp: There is something magical and motivational about music and summer camp! This session will take a look at the connection between some of the most popular rock songs and the lessons we can learn from them about running summer camp. This is a high energy, fun and entertaining session that will have participants laughing, singing, clapping and tapping their feet as we reinforce some of the greatest lessons summer camp teaches both campers and staff!

Parent Communication and Engagement: Each year millions of parents send their children off to a wide range of summer camp programs. Parents are left to wonder what exactly is happening during the day with their children that they have entrusted to camp leaders. Engaging parents and demonstrating effective communication is essential for any successful camps that want to keep campers coming back year after year.

Taking Command of Common Camp Problems: With over thirty years of camp experience combined, the CT Camp Guys have seen their fair share of camp problems summer after summer. We have compared and analyzed some of the common camp problems that we and many camp professionals have dealt with. More importantly, we have developed some solutions to common camp problems that will help camp counselors and camp leaders be prepared for the upcoming camp season.

Making it Great: This session is designed to give your camp staff 10 ways to make a session at camp not just good, but GREAT. We will provide some new activities and ideas that will make your camp staff deliver a very memorable session for the campers, making them long for another session and improving your retention rate.

Camp University: Developing a good staff training program is one of the most crucial jobs of your camp leadership team. But many times camp leaders are too busy to put the time and effort into a dynamic training program and repeat the same old thing year after year. Camp University is the answer! This session will revolutionize your staff training program, engage both rookie and veteran staff by recognizing their different levels of experience and allowing them an opportunity to be part of the training process.

Creating a Culture of Safety and Fun: Two of the most important aspects of camp are safety and fun! This workshop will explore how to instill those two factors into your camp's culture from staff training to the very last day of camp. Your camps culture can make the difference in a child coming back to camp for another session or them choosing another camp.


Peer to Supervisor: Transitioning from peer and coworker to a leadership role creates a unique and sometimes uncomfortable situation for the new supervisor and their staff. New camp leaders face a challenging set of fears that include losing friends, enforcing rules that they may have broken, and keeping information confidential. This innovative workshop will help new leaders face these challenges and will help their supervisors learn how to support their new leaders.

Managing Camp Burnout: Burnout is a sometimes unavoidable part of the summer experience and yet many camp directors are unprepared to address the effects of burnout. This workshop will help participants create a realistic Burnout Management Plan that will provide insight on recognizing and overcoming summer burnout.

What Parents Want: Each year millions of families send their children off to a wide range of summer camp programs. The children and the camps are all very unique, but the things that parent’s want for their child’s summer camp experience are all very similar. We will discuss both the top 5 factors and top 5 benefits that research has indicated parents are expecting from camp; increasing parent’s satisfaction and improving the reputation of your camp.

Camp Supervisor 101: This workshop outlines the foundational principals and fundamentals of being a new supervisor at camp. Included will be tips and recommendations on going from peer to supervisor, successful supervision from the first day of camp, setting expectations, managing and motivating staff, performance evaluations and more. Great for younger camp supervisors or veterans who will be overseeing new supervisors this summer.

Top 10 Ways to go from Good to Great: This entertaining and fast paced presentation will give participants proven tips on what it takes to make your camp go from good to GREAT! The CT Camp Guys, Mark Pooler and Patrick Connelly, will provide fresh perspectives and specific recommendations in 10 key areas that they have put into practice at their own camps as well as many other camps across the country!

Other Workshops Include:

  • 5 skills all camp staff should have
  • Assets in action at camp
  • Camp stories of humor and inspiration
  • Leadership secrets of superheroes
  • Managing and motivating camp staff
  • Parent communication
  • Creating a culture your campers deserve
  • The play pen - games workshop
  • 3 keys to camp - staff-program-facility
  • Going from child care to camp
  • Little things - big impact
  • Other workshops can be developed upon request if you do not see the topic you are looking for
Camp – The Final FUN-tier:







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